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What should I wear for my massage?
You may wear whatever you feel makes you the most comfortable.  We use a top sheet and blanket to make sure that you are always covered and warm. In the event that your therapist would prefer you wear a sports bra or shorts to be able to do more active work they will always let you know. Otherwise as long as you are under the sheets you may choose to wear as much or as little as feels safe and comfortable to you. We have worked with people who are fully nude or fully dressed. We support what helps you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Will I be sore from this massage?
After a therapeutic massage it is possible to feel a little sore for up to 48 hours. Though it will be a different sore than the pain or the initial complaint you came in with. The body should feel much better. You will feel more free and flexible. Much like a good workout or some good weight training at the gym your muscles have to repair from the work we have accomplished. So if you work out and you feel great that day but a little bit sore the next day you can expect the same results from your therapeutic massage. If you ever do not want to feel sore the next day you can communicate your desired outcome and we will adjust your session to suit your current needs. A massage can be therapeutic without being painful. The key is clear communication between the therapist and the client.

How often should I get a massage?

Depending on your current physical goals, budget and lifestyle you can receive your massages once a week or once every 3-6 months. If you are currently in pain I recommend a massage every week to break the pain cycle. Once you break the pain cycle you can choose a maintenance program that is best for you. For my personal physical goals I get a massage every other week. The goal is to find the pattern that keeps you out of pain but is comfortable and convenient for your budget and lifestyle. If you have questions feel free to ask us so we can discuss and create an ideal treatment/maintenance plan for your body.