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1. UNLOCKING YOUR BREATHE. Free the rib cage and shoulders to allow for better breathing.

2. GETTING GROUNDED.  Better stability in the feet and ankles. Feel more grounded.

3. GIVE & TAKE. Makes you feel taller, improves the range of motion in your shoulders and hips. Adds swagger to your walk!

4. KEEPING IT TOGETHER. Lengthens the stride, a runners favorite.  Alleviate knee pain and strenghten legs.

5. GETTING TO THE CORE. Lengthens the lumbar spine increasing pelvic range of motion and alleviating lower back pain. Horizontalizes the pelvis.

6. LEAVING THE PAST BEHIND. Alleviate pain in the back of the legs and hips, relieve sciatic pressure.

7. CLEARING YOUR HEAD.Increased range of motion of the neck. Alleviates headaches and TMJ.

8. GRACE & WELL BEING.Increased coordination and grace by integrating the lower body.

9. POWER, ORDER & LAW. Increased coordination and strength for the upper body by integrating the upper body. Empowers swagger in the shoulders.

10. EMPOWERMENT & WHOLENESS.  Completely integrates and coordinates whole body movement finding effortless movement and grace in gravity through your new empowered posture!

11. THE 11th HOUR,  FOLLOW UP SESSION.  Addresses any lingering tensions, favorites, and areas of interest.


   This series is a game changer!
Each appointment is 2 hours long, you will receive 90 minutes of hands on massage and 30 minutes of postural analysis, stretches, and exercises that your can do at home. The entire series is done over 11 weeks.

   If you want you body to move more comfortably and efficiently, or you have been dealing with chronic issues and just can't break the pattern, this will reset your body and posture in a way no other massage modality can!